Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fatties in Arlington, AZ

Fatbiking in the hills around Arlington, AZ

Water once flowed.

Jimbo. Thinking. Thinking about the supersymmetric string theory...or probably just thinking about how good his bag of cereal is. One of the two, one in the same.

No trail sanitizing here.

For Sale - $195 OBO (Fatty not included)

Round Up...next month

Alien artifact

Dead - Attacked by a large cat - 1 week old

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Go Where Few Have Gone Before

Today I ventured out with my Adventure Buddy JimFab to tackle the Hassayampa. The goal was to ride from I-10 to Wickenburg, in the Hassayampa River bottom. We did not have a gpx track to follow, we just decided to ride where ever we felt like and follow the sand. We did not know how many miles it would entail, and we certainly did not know how long the ride would take. Pretty certain no bike tires had been on our intended path.

Did we make it? NO. We ran into deep sand at about 13 miles in, and fighting a head wind, with quads about to explode while riding the SS Fatbike. We adjusted our plans, and adapted to a new adventure. Below is the list. Why the list? Because I rule by the list and dominate from the middle of the Back of the Pack. That's why. Oh, and I am tired of structuring proper paragraphs.

"This ride is like a perpetual hill! I haven't stopped pedaling in 3 hours. We haven't coasted yet!"
"The wash is more "washy" than I thought it would be."
"Are we trespassing?" "That sign doesn't say do not enter." " That one does though."
  1. Fatbikes make you smile.
  2. Fatbikes are heavy.
  3. Fatbikes in deep sand seem even heavier.
  4. Fatbikes in deep sand, pushing into a hard head wind, up hill on SS is ludicrous.
  5. Self Supported Fatbiking into the desert with no water is tough. If you don't want to carry any gear, stick to your local Thursday night ride where someone else will carry your spare tube, pump, snacks and repair kit.
  6. I'm tired of typing "Fatbike".
  7. I never get tired of jumping gates and barb wire fences.
  8. 37 miles. 6:25. Moving Avg 7.7. Total Ascent only 1465. Sand -tons. If you want the real "Data" you better click on over the B.P.R. main page and wait for the Philosofizer. I don't do "The Data Dump"...mainly for legal reasons.
  9. I was disappointed I didn't' see any Rednecks, dead bodies, or people burying dead bodies.
  10. If a wash is 2 miles wide, and neither of the riders have a gpx track to follow, chances are they will get separated at some point and wander around looking for one another. Maybe.
  11. Maybe...we should have thought about riding downhill? North to South.
  12. Picture dump below.

I was told to always add a song or video to the posts so we don't bore the viewers. I rarely listen to people, but today I'll make an exception...for B.P.R. If you even made it this far?

If at work...turn the sound way UP!


I'm Awesome

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fat Bike the Beach

Things Rhino learned, while crushing the rigid SS Fat Bike around the gulf in Galveston, Texas. In a list, because I rule by the list.

1. Fat Bike is the most fun you can possibly have with your clothes on.
2. This chubby bike makes me giggle when I ride.
3. If you ride in the salt water and micro-fine sand at the gulf, and don't wash the bike for 2 days, you will seize the drive train.
4. The Fatty needs rebuilt after every beach trip, assuming you like to roll through the waves.
5. Riding half naked is the way to go. Co-ed naked Fat Biking would be better, maybe.
6. If you have a major issue standing still while your girl puts on your Bullfrog Lotion before you ride, you just might have a really silly spotty tan. I mean sun burn.
7. Cliff Bars taste different covered with sand.
8. Dogs off the leash on the beach don't give a shit about you, unlike the idiot dogs on the trails. Beach dogs must be more chill?<br>
9. Fisherman litter, big hooks...and look at you funny when you roll by.<br>
10. Homemade Rhino Juice can seal a huge treble hook in a tire. Pulling out said fishing hook is not advisable.
11. Bullfrog Lotion burns your eyes.
12. Riding over the dunes never gets old.
13. Always have an answer for: "Why are your tires so big?"
14. Beach bikepacking is on my future trip to-do list.
15. I found it hard to find Rigid Singlespeeders to join B.P.R. Arizona, and probaly even more rare to find Rigid SS Fat Bikers to join the B.P.R. Ludcracy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

B.P.R. SS Chicks

What does a member of the Back of the Pack Racing do when he wants to ride his Singlespeed more? Easy......

Builds his Foxy Mama a Singlespeed to join him.


B.P.R. SS Chicks...not to be trifled with.